Fabric Care

Fabric Care

Fabric Care: Cotton


Hand spun, hand woven cotton fabric has an added value of being cooler, softer, more absorbent. It breathes better than machine made cotton fabric. It has a textural beauty and visible character which is not present in machine made fabric.

To ensure uniform dye penetration and to remove the dust particles, cotton yarn and then fabric is washed several times. Depending on this, the shrinkage ranges from 10-12% for fabrics.

The cotton fabric is very simple to wash. It gets softer and more absorbent with every wash.

1. Machine wash cold on gentle cycle.
2. Wash items with like colors and turn your clothes inside out, especially dark colors.
3. Wash reds and blues separately the first few times. They tend to bleed more than others
4. If you choose to use bleach, use non-chlorine bleach which is less harsh on your fabrics and on the environment.
5. Tumble dry low heat. Remove items promptly from dryer, preferably when still damp.
6. Use mild detergent on the fabrics so that the colour and sheen last longer.
7. We also recommend ‘DRY CLEAN’ at least for the first wash.

Press with a warm to hot iron while damp. If the item has dried, use a spray bottle to dampen the fabric.

Fabric care: Silk

We use several varieties of silk which are hand spun, hand woven and home grown in India without the use of harsh chemicals. The luster, texture and softness of the handle varies from type of silk. The Silk fabric needs to be treated gently during laundering as it loses it strength while wet.

1. ‘DRY CLEAN’ recommended for all silk fabrics as they are usually delicate and need utmost care.

Use a warm iron if needed. If the iron is hot, it will cause the silk to change its feel. Please note that for some of the tussar silks, it is recommended not to use the iron directly on the fabric. Please place another cotton cloth on top of the silk and then iron. This will protect the silk from getting burnt.

Fabric care: Chanderi and Maheshwari

Chanderi is a traditional ethnic fabric characterized by its lightweight, sheer texture and fine luxurious feel. Chanderi fabric is produced by weaving in silk and golden Zari in the traditional cotton yarn that results in the creation of the shimmering texture. The fabric borrowed its name from the small town Chanderi in Madhya Pradesh where traditional weavers practice the art of producing textured sarees in cotton and silk decorated with fine zari work. This fabric can be classified into three types – Chanderi silk cotton, pure silk and Chanderi cotton. Traditionally, Chanderi fabric was primarily used in weaving Sarees and Salwar Kameez material.

 Maheshwari is a fine cotton-silk blended handloom fabric which originated from Maheshwar in Madhya Pradesh (India) long back in 2nd century from where it got its name. Garments made from Maheshwari fabrics are perfect wear for summer and are available in very light shades of maroon, green, purple, and other earthy colors. Maheshwari fabrics are very similar to Chanderi Fabric in its delicate weaving style which makes it to look like gauze fabric with an extremely fine texture.

1. ‘DRY CLEAN’ recommended for all chanderi and maheshwari fabrics as they are usually delicate and need utmost care.

Use a warm iron if needed.

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